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Carey Rie looking down ice close up

We finished the formal part of Scott Murray’s hour-long presentation on teaching tracking in the NHL last week, but wanted to wrap up our six-part series by including the ensuing 11-minute question-and-answer session with the Washington Capitals goaltending coach.

We also wanted to post links to the first six parts of the series to make it easy for anyone who joined this conversation on modern tracking mechanics to go back and watch it all:

Part 1: Braden Holtby and using tracking as a situational tool

Part 2: Pheonix Copley and using tracking as a foundational tool

Part 3: Release drills for modern tracking

Part 4: Lateral movement release drills for modern tracking

Part 5: ISO-track drills eliminate the shot … and movement delays

Part 6: Ilya Samsonov and using tracking as a developmental tool

After delivering the presentation as part of the WHL / Hockey Canada Goaltending Symposium presented by InGoal Magazine earlier this summer, Murray stuck around to answer questions from goalie coaches about vision training and training tools, concerns about a puck tracking focus versus when to look off the puck to make reads, the relationship between stance and tracking, and translating it all to younger goalies. You’ll hear Murray reference “John,” because John Stevenson, Holtby’s long-time Sports Psychologist, was the next presenter.

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