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Carey Rie looking down ice close up
It might seem obvious given the all the increased focus on the importance being square and set in our conversations with NHL goalies and goalie coaches over the past couple of years on the InGoal Radio Podcast, InGoal InPerson Webinars and Premium Member content. And this may be a simple drill with goalies just getting started on their journey, but given all that recent focus, and after watching Carey Price backstop the Montreal Canadiens to the Stanley Cup Final this summer, hearing him teach those basic fundamentals to the kids at the 2016 Eli Wilson Day with Price Camp felt like something worth sharing as a reminder of their importance.

Some of the goalies he’s working with in these clips may not even reach the crossbar yet, but the foundations he teaches have remained evident in Price’s game right up to the NHL, so while this may seem like a Pro Tip just for beginners, it’s a good reminder for goalies at all levels.

We’ll start by sharing the drill instructions and a couple of keys from Eli Wilson …

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