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Exclusive feature articles as InGoal takes you Inside the Room and behind the scenes with the game’s big names.

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More gear tips as pros take you through their setups, what they like and why they wear it.

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The mental game is the separator between good and great goaltenders. We’ll help you sharpen your game. 

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Exclusive feature articles as InGoal takes you Inside the Gym for professional off-ice training with NHL goalies.

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What is InGoal Premium?

The new InGoal Premium is a hybrid: part website, part magazine, all goaltending. 

Since we began InGoal we noticed our readers wanted to ask and to see and hear from goaltenders about specific things that only goalies love, questions you’ll never see in the mainstream media. These are the kinds of questions two beer-league goalies might ask each other at centre ice as they stretch before warmup, or a minor hockey goalie might ask their favorite pro:  What size is your gear? What is your glove break? Why do you wear #29? What got you started in the game? How do you handle a 2-on-1? What’s your pre-game routine?

We also noticed when we brought those questions to pros, the tone of our interviews changed. Eyes lit up as they realized these weren’t the typical post-game scrums and they were talking with fellow goaltenders, fellow members of the #GoalieUnion.

Interviews become conversations and we get fascinating insights that are goaltender-to-goaltender, not athlete-to-media. We’re all just goalies at heart and the difference from “pee wee to pro,” as we like to say, is not as significant as you might imagine.

In recent years we’ve noticed the name InGoal opens doors even in NHL locker rooms. It’s amazing how often we hear young NHL goalies like Mackenzie Blackwood of the New Jersey Devils say they grew up reading the digital magazine and website that began back in 2009. We wonder which pee wee goalie reading InGoal today might be kind enough to grant us an interview 10 years from now when they are pros!

Our goal now is to take you with us into those locker rooms and detailed conversations, in a virtual way, as we meet with the veterans, the stars and the up-and-coming goaltenders in the NHL and beyond. We don’t take the privilege we have in meeting with the pros lightly and want to be able to share it with you as much as possible.



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