Joey Daccord is back with the Seattle Kraken after being called up this week following an injury to Phillip Grubauer, and it was a perfect reminder that InGoal really needs to catch up with one of our favourite Pro Reads goalies for some video breakdowns with his current team.

It was also a great reminder we haven’t yet emptied the tank on our extended video session featuring clips from his previous team, the Ottawa Senators. So, while we wait for an opportunity to update these in the correct Kraken colors, lets empty the tank on the old breakdowns. The footage may be dated but the insights still apply.


This time Daccord is facing a rush chance against the Vancouver Canucks, now ironically his new team’s geographic rival, that starts with a head-man pass to sniper Brock Boeser:

This play is still in the neutral zone, but as you’ll hear below, Daccord is already gathering about the impending attack. Ask yourself what factors you are looking for at this point?

Things look a lot different as the Senators get mixed up in their defensive zone coverage, with two players attacking the puck carrier and leaving a wide-open option behind them. Looking at the freeze frame shot above, what information is most important to reading this attack?

What do you make of Daccord’s positioning at this point?


Because this is a rush chance, speed matters, so now watch the entire sequence and ask yourself the same questions from above, and see if you can identify any additional cues:

Did you notice anything about the way Daccord set himself up once it became clear that Canucks captain Bo Horvat was alone going to the net and the most dangerous option?


Now let’s get Daccord’s thoughts on how the sequence unfolded and why he played it this way:

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