If Chris Driedger was the easy choice for last week’s Pro Reads after being selected and signed by the Seattle Kraken, then fellow Expansion Draft pick Joey Daccord was an obvious selection for the follow up this week after being one of the three goalies chosen by Seattle.

Daccord sat down with InGoal on after a breakthrough rookie season with the Ottawa Senators to review video and immediately impressed with his first Pro Reads breakdown of what it’s like to face Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid on a full-speed breakaway. The level of detail and insight was no surprise to anyone who listened to his guest appearance on the InGoal Radio Podcast more than two years ago, and reflects the type of goalie the Kraken have added.


Daccord is once again facing the Oilers in his second installment of Pro Reads, but we’ve spared him reliving McDavid in full flight this time. Instead, it’s a rush chance that starts off as a relatively harmless looking 4-on-4 attack as it hits the Ottawa blueline:

The puck carrier is veteran forward Kyle Turris (8) on the right as the Oilers gain the blue line. It’s early in a sequence that so far looks tame, but what factors are already looking for?

Less than a second later, the two biggest threats become a lot clearer:

Looking at this freeze frame, what information stands out as most important, whether it’s the puck carrier, James Neal cutting through the middle or Alex Chiasson on the far side?


Now let’s take a look at the entire save sequence to let you see how it plays out in real time, and see if any of the early factors helped you correctly identify where the puck is headed.  

That’s a long lateral pass, but Daccord comes across on his knees? What factors did you see that would lead to that decision rather than trying to beat it across on the skates?

Where some goalies might push across in front of their post to avoid any delayed seal on the short side as they hit the post, Daccord goes right at his right post. Any thoughts on why?


Now let’s get Daccord’s thoughts on the situation and why he played it that way.

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